Friday, February 4, 2011

Prevent the programs running from other device other than C:

                 This post is related to the answer of how to prevent the auto run from USB flash drives. Type secpol.msc in the command prompt.
                   You will see the local security windows.Expand the software Restriction Policies. You will see nothing there. Go to Action>All tasks and Select New Software Restriction Policy.You will see the following windows.

          Double Click on the Additional Rules.
                     You will see the two unrestricted file paths.It doesn't say anything about other places like drive D or E. If you don't want to run program from drive D.Right Click on the pane and Choose new path rule. Here you can type the path like D or You can also use the browse button to find a file location that you don't want to run from. One thing you have to remember is Security Level must be disallowed.
                  If you run a program from your drive eg F:\ you will see the following message.

                       But for the portable if can still run from the other devices rather than C:.
I think because the didn't change the registry. Any suggestion.

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